Manager of My Expectations

I work in the client service industry.  It’s all about giving the client an enjoyable experience.  Usually this means great product, on time, and on budget.  Other times it means kissing their ass.

A big part of this is managing expectations.  So at the last week before the non-waiver deadline, I’m stuck checking every baseball outlet every second I can, waiting for the big news.  We traded someone.  But, possibly more importantly, when are they going to announce a managerial hire?

See the trade deadline is a hard date.  I know when it ends.  I have to assume that Andy knows too.  And, with all the calls and interest we’ve been getting in Wiggy, Scott, Tejada, Guts, hell even Patterson, I have to assume that a deal will eventually happen.  At least one.  Hopefully.

But the manageraial search could go on forever.  How long does interim last?  It’s as long as you want it to be.  So I grow anxious.  I want something to happen.  Anything.  Andy has stated that he’s on his own timeline.  I get that.  But manage my expectations a little better.  Saying stuff like this doesn’t help:

“I said [previously it] could be days, could be weeks, could be months, could be years. I try to give myself the full spectrum. There are so many variables. I don’t know how the process is going to unfold.”


The only glimmer of hope I have is that he also said this after the 4 game sweep of the Rangers:

They’ll be critical of me because we have not declared on the manager yet. There’s nothing worse you can do to the media then hanging something out there that’s going to happen, one way or the other, whether Juan (Samuel) got full status or whether you bring someone in from external…Over the last three weeks the team has been playing a little over .500 and Juan is doing fine.

Juan is not doing fine. The team is 2-8 since the break.  Really carried that momentum over didn’t we?

His team isn’t playing baseball. They are playing stick ball on an East Baltimore street in 1962.  That’s the level we are playing at right now.  We even have Timothy, he’s a little “slow” my mom says, playing shortstop.  He can get in front of a grounder fine but he can’t hit a lick.

Now we head to Canada (stay out of trouble Adam) with a team waiting for us that is over .500 but only because they’ve played us 9 times.  In those 9 games we’ve been outscored 15-48.  We haven’t won any.  Who hates Canada even more now?  Me.

I’m a little torn on what exactly is the best timing to announce it for the sake of the team as a whole.  I know I want it announced 4 weeks ago, but I’m as selfish as Wiggin-ton.  Just thinking out-loud (to the internet) but couldn’t we announce the manager and say Juan is trying to earn his spot on the staff so he doesn’t totally give up.  The players are auditioning to keep their jobs (though this could back fire).  Not sure.  What do you think?  When will the O’s announce the new (or permanent, dear god no) manager?

Anyway.  With every minute that ticks by and nothing happens, my desire for the next minute grows by one Couric.  Should be a fun week.


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