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The question in baseball circles both local and national has been, What do we make of Buck’s influence on the Baltimore Orioles.  Pin-pointing the exact reason why the Orioles are on a nice little run right now seems to be more important than the actual winning itself.  Roch showed his frustration with the Buck-fixation (that rhymed).  It’s everywhere.

The reason in my opinion for this fascination was summed up perfectly by the one they call Frobby, at Orioles Hangout.  I don’t really feel cheated.  I feel disappointed, at the most.  Still, I’m just happy for the winning of late.  You know what it’s brought?  Less idiocy on that website for starters.  Positive talk about the O’s from all sources.  Let’s be honest, when your favorite team is getting the shit kicked out of them, the last thing you want to hear is how much shit is actually being kicked out of them by people paid to talk shit or casual fans that don’t know shit.

I’ve also, due to my upbringing in the, I’ll call it, New Baseball Era, never bought into the culture of losing, David Eckstien-gamer, intangibles thing.  Sure there are intangibles but when it comees down to it, the most talented team usually wins.  The most talented team is usually the most expensive as well.

It’s hard though to not notice a difference in the team that is somewhat inexplicable.  Buck says more Bullets.  The team says they are trying to prove themselves and borderline fear him.  Who’s to say who’s right or wrong?  No amount of analysis, at this point boarding on fucking it to death, will likely give the collective O’s fan-base an answer that fits into their baseball ideology, so lets just stop.

There…don’t you feel better?

Ok, so some analysis that I would like to focus on is that of our special guest radio and TV guys.  Boddicker and McDonald, the most recent, have been really fun to listen to.  Those guys know their shit.  They see things that the other guys either don’t or chose not to talk about.  The bonus?  Less time for Palmer to talk about himself, Flanny to snore into the mic, Hunter to suck some Oriole Bird pecker, and Thorne to butcher everything from pronunciation, calling a pitch, the count, to the actual sport he is watching.

Basically less airtime for the dickheads to fill.  I’d love to have Mel Proctor and John Lowenstein back.

Just look at that guy.  Awesome.  Plus, he’d surely fit in with the recent resurrection of the mustache.

Worth noting, I got no problems with the radio guys.

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This is so exciting!

I sure hope someone blogs about the Orioles actually being somewhat entertaining to watch.

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Nuck if you Buck

At least one Hooligan will be at the game tonight.  Will you be there?

Buck’s debut.  Batting Stance Guy.  Pie T-Shirt.  Ollie’s Bargain Night.

What more do you want?


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