Nuck if you Buck

At least one Hooligan will be at the game tonight.  Will you be there?

Buck’s debut.  Batting Stance Guy.  Pie T-Shirt.  Ollie’s Bargain Night.

What more do you want?



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8 responses to “Nuck if you Buck

  1. Jjaks Clayton

    Batting Stance Guy, should not be an argument in favor of going to the game.

  2. Jjaks Clayton

    Everything, that about sums it up.

    • kevin lomax

      Good one.

      I’m not worried about the guy who hasn’t been to more than what, 4 games, not going. It’s pretty much a given.

  3. Matt S.

    Thought I saw Kevin Lomax at the sweep game 1B side near right field. We were in the adjacent section leading some cheers with, of all people, a cracker jacks vendor.

    Helluva game.

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