What If?

The way I look at this offseason; you have two parties.  The prudent group.  Grow the arms.  Buy the bats.  Wait until the time is right and strike with a big name player or two.  Or, you have the sell the farm.  Go for broke crowd.

Sure it’s not as cut and dry as this…it’s a bit of a generalization but that’s the way I want this hypothetical to play out.  So lets say, AM goes with the latter.

What if he spends 100 million on Beltre and Dunn and De La Rosa(All 3 to 5 year contracts)?  And let’s say, just for fun, he pulls of a miracle trade:  Tillman, Bell, and Hernandez for Adrian Gonzales.

And everyone calls this offseason a smashing success.  And we still get our asses kicked all around the AL East.

We’ve dug a pretty deep hole.  I can’t imagine AG would want to sign an extension with a team that is a bottom dweller even with all the talent.

Who gets blamed?  PA?  AM?  Buck?  How does the organization look the next 5 to 10 years?

I’m just curious because everyone seems to have the answer on how the team can win.  But they still have to the play the games.  The players still have to perform.  They play to win.  But what if they don’t?


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