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Ken Davidoff of Newsday writes that free agent “outfielder” Johnny Damon is “eyeing Baltimore” in a recent piece. I sincerely hope that the interest there is one sided if true at all. Damon is 37 years old, can’t play the field anymore and can’t hit for any power outside of the new Yankee Stadium in which anything hit in the air to the right side goes out. He also throws about as well as well as my grandmother does with her off hand, which would provide some entertainment if in fact the Orioles are even dumber than I think they are. Damon would be of no use to this team as he has no defensive position and he doesn’t hit nearly well enough to unseat Luke Scott. He is in clear decline and even if he posts similar numbers to last year he will most likely make a very expensive part time DH. The Orioles can’t possibly be interested right? On the other hand, it would seem to be a very typical O’s signing. An aging player who used to be pretty good but never great, now on his last legs coming to Baltimore to die like so many before him…

Derek Jeter’s agent is “baffled” by the Yankees tactics in their ongoing contract negotiations. Really guys? Really? You are baffled by a 3 year, 45 million dollar offer? I’m begging you to walk away from that and see what he gets offered on the open market if you honestly believe that to be some sort of insult. He would not come close to matching that. Derek Jeter was worth about 9 million dollars last year according to Fangraphs and he has been worth less than his actual salary in 7 of the last 9 seasons. He has already been overpaid a significant amount and the Yankees latest offer will still be a significant overpayment, but somehow it isn’t enough? Derek Jeter will be 37 years old for most of next year, he declined greatly last season both with the bat and the glove. I don’t care that he won another Gold Glove, he’s a big reason that award is now a joke, someone needs to help him beat his ego back and realize that whatever the Yankees decide to offer him is the best he is going to get. Whatever occurs, I hope it is the outcome that hurts the Yankees most. Unfortunately I know that money is no object to them and whatever they will do they will always be able to recover from it with a blank check.

The deadline for offering arbitration is fast approaching and I think it will be interesting to see what the Orioles do with Type B free agents Kevin Millwood and Koji Uehara. I would probably decline arbitration with Millwood due to the fear that he would accept. With a salary of 12 million last year it is likely he would get at least half of that in arbitration, which would be too much in my opinion. I would then offer arbitration to Uehara because I do not see any downside. If he accepts we get a solid reliever who will still be relatively cheap for another year and if he declines then we get a draft pick for compensation.

The Orioles are still rumored to be in on both Jason Bartlett and J.J. Hardy, and I am still firmly in the “Anyone but Izturis” camp. I can’t believe there are people seriously advocating we re-sign him. He was literally worth negative dollar values and less than a replacement player. He was one of the very worst players in MLB. The dude was a little above average in the field and a great hitter if you are looking for guys who make a ton of outs (The Orioles do).

I’m still hoping to hear some good news this offseason, but I have to say so far I haven’t heard anything that sounds too promising…

In closing I leave you with this, I hate Derek Jeter.

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