Fallout from Orioles fans over the offseason at such an early stage is hilarious, I guess we should all be used to it by now since it happens every season. That said, I still find it funny again this season.

If you are looking for a few quick laughs, check out this link.

Adam Dunn has signed a 4 year, 54 million dollar deal with the White Sox. This is around what I expected him to sign for, and apparently for many O’s fans, it was an offer the Orioles should have beat. I’m not so sure.

The Orioles reportedly were in on Dunn and offered him what now looks like a token offer of 4 years/40 million. By no means is that a competitive offer that had any chance of landing Dunn. I know the Orioles aren’t going to spend big on free agents, most fans should know that by now too but it doesn’t stop them from losing their shit about it every fucking offseason. My problem is that the Orioles should just say that instead of pretending to be in on some “targets” and making silly offers. If you aren’t going to play the game, then just tell the fans that and don’t bother even making these token offers. I’m not even sure what they are trying to accomplish with them anyway. You know you aren’t getting Dunn for that offer, and you know announcing that offer isn’t going to please the fan base so I don’t see the endgame here.

What likely happened is they felt out Dunn to see if he was open to becoming a full time designated hitter, when they realized he wouldn’t they made an offer reflecting what they thought he was worth as a first baseman. If Dunn is insistent on playing the field I can understand a significantly lower offer and diminished interest from the Orioles. If I were signing Dunn, he wouldn’t even be allowed to bring a glove in the clubhouse with him. Yes, he is that bad. Adam Dunn holds a career -14.4 UZR/150 at 1B, a -11.2 in LF, and a staggering -52.6 in RF. Don’t like UZR? The Fielding Bible has Dun at totals of -34, -51, and -12 respectively in defensive runs saved at each position. There is no denying that Adam Dunn is a very talented offensive player but he simply cannot play defense…at all. He is so bad defensively that he takes away a great deal of his value at the plate by giving runs back with the glove. If the Orioles didn’t want to sign Dunn to play first I am okay with that, just don’t even tell me you made some bullshit offer. To put it another way: don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

The A’s…that’s right, the A’s…are reportedly close to signing Adrian Beltre to a 5 year contract. Call me skeptical. Either this is a serious surprise move by Beane or Scott Boras is using the media to drive up his clients price. He’s done that before right? Beltre is a guy I would be interested in but someone is going to sign him to a stupid contract. I would advocate something like a 4/60 deal for hi, but he has already beat that offer. I think it would take a 5 year deal worth about 90 million to bring him to Baltimore and that would be insanity.

For those of you calling for Andy MacPhail to resign over not signing big money free agents, I urge you to hold your breath for a GM to come in a spend the 120-150 million dollars on payroll I read people calling for constantly. I hope you can hold your breath for….forever. MacPhail isn’t the one standing in the way of the Baltimore Orioles becoming a top 3 spending team, simple economic concepts are. I just wish they would commit to being a top class organization somewhere. If you are no going to spend it on payroll, you better be an innovator in the amateur market…we apparently are doing nothing to bring us out of this. To win in the AL East you have to be the best team in baseball. If you aren’t the best in baseball at anything, then how are you going to make that possible?

All of that said, the offseason is still young and it can still be success. Missing out on Beltre and Adam Dunn doesn’t and shouldn’t make or break our offseason. No one should have been expecting to sign any of them anyway. Sign Derrek Lee, Trade for Mark Reynolds and JJ Hardy, re-sign Koji and another arm and I for one will be one happy camper.


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  1. And that is why I tend to stay of the message boards…there is no wisdom among the mob.

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