Update: The Orioles announce they are not a big market club

Just kidding, they don’t need to announce that if you aren’t an idiot. As usual people are up in arms about the Orioles not signing every single free agent who signs with another team so far this offseason. In casual fans opinion we ought to be signing every single player available every offseason. They say remarkably stupid things like “It’s not my money, what do I care?”. Brilliant. I get it, numbers and math are above your comprehension level, it’s cool. Those of us who understand basic economic concepts know that the Baltimore Orioles cannot afford to spend with the big market clubs in their division, or some others around baseball. We simply do not have the market size or economic climate to do so. What’s that you say? Peter Angelos is rich? Yes, I am well aware of that. You do also realize that anyone who owns a sports team is rich too? Sports teams are an investment first and foremost to almost every single person who buys them. The only exception to this rule is probably Mark Cuban, who is awesome by the way. Peter Angelos and every other baseball owner bought their team to make money, plain and simple. Expecting Angelos to dip into his personal finances to fund his baseball team and operate at a loss is not realistic.

With all of that in mind, how can you not care what the team spends on it’s players? If you understand that they are operating within a specified payroll budget then you have to understand that you can’t afford to buy all of the best players every offseason. Only Boston and New York can operate like that. So let’s stop freaking out every time a big name signs elsewhere. We are not a team with the economic capability of competing with the big markets without hamstringing ourselves later. Can we do more than we currently are doing? Absolutely.

Andy MacPhail came onboard and stressed the need to build a solid team from within. He made two good trades and since then his record has been pretty awful. We’re not spending enough in the draft, we’re not spending an international free agents, we are short on scouts and our development is lacking. This is the real crime. These problems existed well before MacPhail entered the picture however, and we all know what the real problem is:


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