ZOMG! part 2

The Washington Nationals are crazy. No seriously, what the fuck (WTF) are they thinking? This is one of the dumbest contracts I have ever seen. They are paying Jayson Werth 18 million dollars a year until he is 39 years old. Jayson Werth. 7 years. 126 million dollars. For real. The deal is so stupid in fact that Scott Boras didn’t even bother shopping the offer to other teams because it was so much higher than any other team had offered. One GM, told Ken Rosenthal it was “absolutely bat—- crazy”. Danny Knobler says one American League GM “nearly fell over when I told him the terms”. Keith Law called it “irresponsible”.

Carl Crawford probably pissed all over the front of his pants when he heard this news. I have a hard time imagining what the contract he is going to sign will look like now. I have to think he is going to get at least 160 million now. The MLB network had a hot stove predictions question that asked how many nine figure contracts would be given out this offseason. Both Mitch Williams and whoever the other idiot was in this segment said there would be none. I remember thinking 2 to myself (Carl Crawford and Cliff Lee). I did not imagine that Jayson Werth would make it 3. This contract is the 3rd largest contract ever signed by an outfielder, with only Manny Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano receiving larger deals.

Ah, the memories…

Side note: How did that kid above turn into this guy?


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