Come on, son.

As you probably know by now, Luke Scott is in the news for being an idiot. The original interview can be found here.

As most know, I defend Luke Scott the baseball player ferociously. He gets a lot of criticism for his play by dumbasses who have no idea what they are talking about. That’s the real issue, I hate dumb baseball fans much more than I love Luke Scott. Luke Scott is a good baseball player, but this is not the first time he has offered up these sort of opinions. These latest comments are indefensible however, it just makes him look like an idiot and even I must concede that he deserves all the negative criticism that he’s getting for this. I was just surprised to see it spread to the masses as fast as it did. I have seen it on pretty much every major news site and when I turned on the radio during my commute this morning it is all everyone was talking about. I even heard a long conversation about how his rant was “veiled racism”, that actually seems a bit extreme to me. I must say though, if even the guy who is interviewing you calls you out for being blatantly incorrect in your statements you are probably on the wrong track.

Bottom line Luke, it is probably a good idea to pipe down on your extremist political views in the press and do what you do best… grow a sweet ass beard, look menacing,  and hit baseballs to the fucking moon. I will still love you come April.


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