When it’s time to party…

Celebrate with me! The Orioles will officially acquire J.J. Hardy today after coming to an agreement with the Minnesota Twins late last night (if you say early this morning, go fuck yourself). The deal involves minor league relievers Brett Jacobsen, who we acquired in the Aubrey Huff trade in 2009, and Jim Hoey. It is also likely that we will be including our Rule 5 draft pick Adrian Rosario but hat has not been made official yet. The Rosario pick seems a bit odd since Rule 5 picks must be kept on the 25 man roster all year and Rosario is a 20 year old kid just out of rookie ball. Regardless, we have essentially picked up J.J. Hardy, a solid shortstop, for nothing of consequence except money. Also included in the deal is terrible utility man Brendan Harris who was likely added as a salary dump.

The most important part of this acquisition is that I no longer have to watch the excruciating at bats of Cesar “I’m swingin’ a flyswatter” Izturis. The best part is all the old guys who bring up Mark Belanger and talk about how much they love Cesar can shut the fuck up too because Hardy is as good as, maybe even better, than Izturis with the glove too! I like this deal a hell of a lot more than giving up Nolan Reimold to get an inferior player in Jason Bartlett as was rumored before. I have to say that we have made two pretty good trades so far. It looks to me like we will round out the offseason with a first baseman, likely one of Adam LaRoche or Derrek Lee, and a couple of relievers. I would be pleasantly surprised with that amount of activity. Were I in charge, and it’s probably a good thing I’m not, I would also look into getting an old DH a short term deal to add some more pop to the lineup. for example, maybe Jim Thome a cheap one year deal though it seems unlikely he would be interested. That would allow us to move Luke Scott back to left field and Pie to a 4th outfielder role where he can still get plenty of time. That would be a pretty formidable lineup and no one I see as a big time future piece would be getting blocked. I see that scenario as unlikely however. All I know is I’m glad to not have to watch the worst hitter in the major leagues again this year.

We have also completed a deal to re-sign Koji Uehara, which is another good deal. As a reliever, Koji was shut down quality last season. He brings kick ass sideburns, an insane strikeout to walk ratio, and he hasn’t walked a batter since August 5. It will be interesting to see how long this streak lasts.

Let’s party!


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  1. Khama Clayton

    Spoke too soon about Izzy. You reverse heckled McPhail into signing him

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