Die Yankee Scum!

Cliff Lee has finally made a decision on where to play in 2011, and in a surprise to everyone he did not choose the Yankees.

The Phillies seemed to enter the Lee sweepstakes late and offered Lee enough money to allow him to choose a more preferred location. This is great news for AL East baseball fans. Don’t get me wrong the Yankees still have a great team, but they are looking more vulnerable than ever in their current state. It was widely known that Cliff Lee was their top target and their biggest need going into the offseason. When is the last time the Yankees lost a bidding war for their primary free agent target? When is the last time someone was offered more years and more money by the Yankees only to turn them down and sign elsewhere? I really cannot recall the last time this occurred. The Yankees still have a great offensive team but they are getting very old. Their biggest moves this offseason have been retaining Jeter and Rivera who were already on last year’s roster. They have now signed Russell Martin who has been awful in recent years. They have many guys on the roster who could easily be on their way to fizzling out. Their starting rotation looks dangerously thin even if Andy Pettite does come back. Sabathia, Hughes and what? Pettite may come back, Burnett is a huge question mark himself, and then where do we go? Ivan Nova? Sergio Mitre? Joba? Of course, I think the Yanks go all out for Zach Greinke now and make this pretty much a moot point but right now they don’t look too scary. I hope this doesn’t happen though, Greinke is my boy and I would be absolutely heartbroken if I had to hate him.

Yankee fans are extremely bitter about this and are spewing all kinds of hilariously awful things about Lee on various internet outlets, most notably at MLBTR. Hey guys, maybe next time don’t spit on the dude’s wife if you want him to play for you. Just a thought.


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