…I’m real fucking bored.  I have nothing meaningful to say about Orioles baseball right now.  I rarely do anyway.  Orioles Hangout was in my CD player for a while but it seems someone pressed repeat and all I hear is LaRoche and Lee, LaRoche and Lee, and so on.

You know what else should stop?  The sweater vest jokes about Andy MacPhail.  They aren’t funny.  Ever.

Speaking of Andy…could you lock someone up to play 1B so we can stop talking about it already!?!!1?1!?!1?1?1?23/12/3/.  I can’t stand another fucking debate over who is better, LaRoche or Lee…ah…see what that fucking record did to me?  I got it stuck in my head.  It’s worse than Dominic the Donkey.

Regis Stanczak isn’t going to suggest we back up a truck full of money to Giambi’s house.  Even Regis isn’t that fucking stupid.

You know what would be a better use of time?  Trying to build a super-human first baseman in your basement.  Or maybe you could get M. Bison to help build you one (just hope he doesn’t turn out green).  It’s seriously more useful than screaming on the internet about it.

Speaking of screaming on the internet…Orioles Anonymous?  Are you fucking serious?  He’s already back on the OH after a beautiful, tranquil rest period from insanity.  I must say, he’s milder, for now.

Speaking of mild.  Maybe2050, is not.  He’s a fucking maniac the likes of which haven’t been seen since Oldfan.  I sit here and wonder why some people on the interenet can bug me so much despite us having a similar passion, O’s baseball.  And sometimes I think I have the answer, but others it seems fleeting.

I guess, the inability to rationally discuss something outside what you think is right is what does it.  And when someone just whole-heartedly shits on your argument…I mean a real good, just-had-a-chipotle-burrito, shit on your argument and you just ignore it like there isn’t your argument sitting on the table, just covered in human shit.  How can you ignore that?  A human being would not be able to walk past a table with human shit on it and pretend like there is nothing there.  Someone would slap them and call them insane.  I want to do that.  Hopefully I will meet these people and freak out on them and maybe, just maybe, they will see the shit.



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7 responses to “So…

  1. To alleviate your boredom, let me report that Ken Singleton and Eddie Murray EACH hit three homers off Doyle Alexander last night and your ’77 Birds passed Boston in the standings. Might be too little too late, but it was damn sweet.

  2. That is good news. Sorry they did it against your Sox though. Wait. No I’m not.

  3. Heathir

    Your commentaries on OH always amusing and spot on. I lurk there mostly because the high quality of discussion about baseball, but partially to enjoy the antics of the crazy posters. I admire the posters that try to use logic to show the trolls the error of their ways, but they should learn it doesn’t work. Just sit back and laugh.

    • I would sit back and laugh, if the crazy ones didn’t interrupt quality baseball discussions and turn quality baseball discussions into crazy monkey-throwing-feces, mind-fucking, soul-melting insanity.

  4. Seriously fucking bored duder.

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