With the new year brings new changes….

I have come out of the closet to my parents!  It was a really difficult decision, but in the end (hehe) I think it is best for my future that I am honest with not only myself but those close to me as well. My dad was pissed.  He did look fabulous though.

I remember back in high school, the locker room was like heaven with all the glistening male bodies as I just waited to see them after coming in all sweaty from gym class.  They should have suspected something different about me when I started rolling the waistband of my shorts to show off my milky white thighs.

Everyone wondered why I would always be late to school the day after soccer games, well I was so aroused by hanging out in the locker room after games that I was embarrassed to show up to school with the same raging hard boner from the night before, I figured that it would blow my cover. But now that I have come out of the closet that I don’t care who knows how I feel about men and women (yucky)!!


Detective Tom Ludlow

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  1. Tom Ludlow

    I suppose that’s what I get for leaving my blog up and logged in when I’m having a NYE party. I’m leaving it up as a badge of honor…

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