I’m excited

Here’s my top 5 reasons I’m ready for some Orioles baseball.

5.  Under the Radar

I think a lot of the additions that we’ve made have been under the radar moves.  People are going to be pissing their pants about Reynolds strike-out potential and what not but they are dumb.  Quietly, we’ve put together a nice little team.  We aren’t winning the World Series but there is more room for optimism this year than there should have been in past years.  You want to get excited like me?  It’s allowed.  Plus we didn’t sign any markee names that will cause bandwaggoners and deserters to start suddenly flooding the park so we can continue to sit anywhere we want.

4.  Stability

Buck Showalter is going nowhere.  Finally, we can say that about a manager.  And, as we all saw at the end of last season, the dude gets shit done.

3.  New Life

The entire coaching staff has been remade the way Buck wanted it.  I don’t think it’s going to be a huge deal but, psychologically, I’m comforted by the fact that Terry Crowley is no longer the hitting coach.  At least now, we can determine if he, indeed, is as shitty or great as he was said to be.  I think if guys like Pie, Jones, and Wieters progress or not, may have something to do with that variable.  Probably not as much as most people will make it out to be but maybe a little.  I can see either of these headlines:

Jones still swings at low and away breaking balls.  Crowley wasn’t shitty!


Jones is wanted for murdering baseballs across the league.  Crowley was holding him back.  Glad he’s gone!

Neither of which will be accurate but still, I feel better knowing there are some fresh perspectives.

2.  Year of the Breakout (Hopefully)

We’ve seen flashes of brilliance from all our young guns.  Each member of the calvary put together at least one game last year that was dominant.  Can they make it stick?  Will Jones and Wieters finally bust out of their shells and start mashing?  At the very least, can they get consistently better?  I don’t know the answer.  A lot of people think Jones will never get it, while most people think Wieters will bust out.  I’ll be excited to watch these guys day in and day out.

1.  It’s Orioles Baseball

What’s not to like?



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3 responses to “I’m excited

  1. Free Simon

    It’s nice to see you guys update the blog more often. I hope to read posts well into August and so on! I am also very excited about this year. I think Andy did a great job this offseason. Hopefully the young guys can put it all together and we can attract big name(s) next year- we have to win to bring in the names since we can’t afford to over pay. I just want to know how it is fair to judge Crowley, comparing last years production to this year? Regardless of the hitting coach, better players in the lineup will allow the others to be more productive. Yeah the O’s had a horrible time at the plate but Izzy and Lugo don’t provide much protection in an everyday lineup.

    • Thanks for the comment Free Simon. I knew names were getting weird these days, like Blanket and Apple, but Free? That’s wacky. Anyway, I wasn’t saying that it would give us definitive proof one way or the other. I was saying you might get a hint at the answer. No matter what the answer is, it’s going to suck if Jones, Wieters, and Kakes don’t show an improvement from last year.

      Protection is, depending on who you talk to, one of those things that’s either over-valued or under-valued.

    • Tom Ludlow

      False. Lineup protection is largely a myth.

      Google lineup protection study and you will find a mountain of evidence to support that theory.

      You can start here if you like: http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/pitching-around-batters

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