Important MLB Player Attribute: Spelling

I was reading through the latest posts at one of my favorite sites, MLB Trade Rumors, and found this in reference to Andruw Jones’ possible fit with the Yankees:

He bats right-handed and can play all three outfield positions, so he could provide the Yankees with some pop as a fourth outfielder and spell Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner.

I’m glad Andruw can spell.  That seems like an attribute that not only baseball players should have, but other humans too.

I disagreed with the above assessment though so I did some digging.  On Andruw has a career +spell% of only about 35.  You have to factor in his down year in ’06 when he had a putrid +spell% of 13.  That, coupled with his SCP (Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation) of only 960 and you have one of your worst spelling seasons ever.  Still though, his career numbers are nothing to hang your hat on.

ZiPs only has him at a +spell% of about 43 this year so I’m thinking I’d like to see the Yankees make such a stupid move.  Not that we need the help.  The O’s had the highest team SCP last year of 31,989.

Foreign people must fucking hate trying to learn English.

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