That Eye Sore is Hurting My Ass

If you’ve been to Oriole Park, or driven into the city from 295, or watched a game on TV, or live in Baltimore and felt this strange soreness in your ass over the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly been affected by the cavernous, gigantic, dick-head hotel called the Hilton.

So back when the city decided it was a good idea to use taxpayer dollars to help fund the construction, the Baltimore Hotel Corp. thought it would be making between 3.3 and 7 million dollars in profit by this time.  Well, they’re losing money.  Not making it.  Check out this cross talk:

The hotel finished 2010 with a $9 million deficit, based on standard accounting methods, but representatives from the Baltimore Hotel Corp. noted that is only a “paper loss” and that the hotel is paying its bills and not drawing on city finances.

Only a paper loss?  What the fuck does that mean?

Now, for the particulars you can read the article.  Basically, the city council had a hearing because the hotel wasn’t making money and they are considering “getting out of the hotel business”.  And the Hilton and tourism chief had to come defend themselves.  Their big defense was that it’s generated 67 million in convention business.

I’m no expert and I’m not one for research but just thinking about it logically, I see a few things that strike me as odd.

Within 1 to 2 blocks of the Hilton hotel is the Baltimore Convention Center.

Within walking distance of said convention center, there are 9 hotels.  Ranging from 2 to 5 stars.  Most probably have convention or meeting rooms, I’m sure.

My questions:  What the fuck did we need another hotel/convention space for?  Who did the hotel group pay off in the council to get them to make us pay for it? Who approved the design that blocks what was one of the best views in Major League Baseball?

It’s a gigantic gray plight on the eyes and asses of Baltimoreans and O’s fans alike.  Sell it to private owners or tear that bitch down.



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2 responses to “That Eye Sore is Hurting My Ass

  1. bob arctor

    Its to my understanding, which means I haven’t done any research, that the convention center was promised its own hotel when it was built or remodeled or something and thus the Hilton was built years after the said work was performed. However I could be absolutely incorrect

  2. Gee, sounds like Jackson, Mississippi right now.

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