I don’t know much about the structure they have over at the Baltimore Sun as far as sports writers go.  I know their main O’s guys are Connolly, Zrebiec and Gould and Jones Jr. (I know very little about those last two).  Then you have Schmuck who seems a general sports writer covering the O’s and the Ravens.  KVV is in there somewhere too. MASN clearly has Steve, Roch, Amber, and the always Boston, always hypocritical Royle.  Matt Venzel chimes in over at B the site.

But, most recently we’ve had run-ins with two wanna-be-Kornheiser types.

Two ancient sports writers whose time has clearly come, yet they still get paid to write the most idiotic sentences I’ve ever read.  Sure they are mainly opinion pieces but if you’re going to have, what most people would consider, a horrible opinion, at least have the balls to stand behind it when someone offers a counter argument.

Let me take you back to the Ron Fritz episode.  You can read the article here.  After I wrote my counter argument, I emailed it to him.  This is that.  The Eutaw Street Hooligan guide to making fun of sports writers to their faces.

Sent: Monday, November 22, 2010 1:36 PM
To: Fritz, Ron

Subject: sign jeter idea

I’m sure you know, to the extent that you should, how poorly your post about signing Jeter was received. But, for posterity, and for the mere fact that it hasn’t sunk in, just how dumb your article was, I wanted to send you my analysis.


I guess the good news is, at least some people know who you are now.

Granted, I realize that if I actually wanted a real response, I probably shouldn’t have been so out in front with the insults.  He would have gotten it eventually when he read the article.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 1:41 PM, Fritz, Ron wrote:

I’m sure glad you cleared that up – people must not know me since you can’t even spell my name right. Good luck with your writing career.

Ron Fritz | The Baltimore Sun | Head of Sports

For reference, I spelled is name Ron Fitz when I originally posted my response.  Also, he wished a guy, who has called other writers pussies, idiots, and cock-suckers (Hey, Russ Smith!), luck with his writing career.  I’m not sure why he thinks I’m trying to make a career out of this given that history, but I will say he is great at not looking at things logically and making shit up.  Let’s press on.

Sent: Monday, November 22, 2010 1:47 PM
To: Fritz, Ron
Subject: Re: sign jeter idea

Thanks for the well wishes.

Out of sheer curiosity, do you have any actual reason or evidence that would support signing Jeter, other than all those really idiotic ones you mentioned in your article? Or do you have any counter-points to my counter-points? Basically, if you actually read my analysis, would you care to defend your stance?

Thanks also for catching the spelling error. I’ll fix that so we make sure the right Ron gets credit for the article. I’d hate for Ron Fitz to get stuck with that honor.

And on it goes…

On Nov 22, 2010 1:51 PM,  Fritz, Ron wrote:

Oh, you actually made some points? I must have missed them between all of the F-bombs.

Ron Fritz | The Baltimore Sun | Head of Sports

Waaaaaahh!!  At least I can tell he read through it.

Just read around them. Kind of like eating around the mold on some old bread.

You’re a grown up, I’m sure you’ve seen a swear in your life before my analysis.

And that’s where it ended.  No balls man.  If you’re going to accept a paycheck and write shit, be a man and stand behind it.

This brings us to our most recent run-in involving Jjaks and Kevin Cowherd.  We reached out to Kevin for his response.

Good morning Kevin,

On February 6th you wrote a piece regarding the recent acquisition of Vlad Guerrero.  We read your article and one of our colleagues offered a counterpoint.
If you have any questions or would like to respond, we’re happy to hear your thoughts.
Your friends,

The Eutaw Street Hooligans

See that.  Way more polite.  Still though, he didn’t respond.  No balls again.

We/I are/am throwing down the gauntlet with you local sports writers.  Please do research before you post stuff.  Please try to catch up with the rest of the world as far as stats go.  If you are going to write an opinion piece, please stand behind it and make an intelligent defense.  It’s no wonder these newspapers are going down the shitter.  You guys suck.  In all fairness,  Connolly, Roch, Stevey W, Jeff Z, are all pretty decent.   If Jenn Royle actually wrote something besides crap about New York, Boston, or bullshit that has nothing to do with sports, we’d probably rip her writing apart too.  I just haven’t found an article that has enough content to even make fun of.  The whole thing is basically a joke.

I see a lot more intelligent O’s analysis from guys like Tony, Frobby, Scottie, Sportsguy, Drungo, Stotle, etc. at OH, Chris at Baltimore Sports and Life, and the folks at Camden Chat, Dempsey’s Army, and others.

Step your game up everyone.  We’re watching.  For instance, our new column, This Week In Twitter.  And if you want to challenge us on something, bring it.  We’re game for a good argument.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the passing of Ernie Tyler.  One aspect of accountability is showing up day in and day out.  Ernie did that for a long, long time.  Pour one out for a fallen O’s institution.


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5 responses to “Accountability

  1. batspeed29

    Well Done Article! Fully Agree That Writters AND Poster’s On The Internet Should Stand Behind (And Perhaps Defend) Their Comments And Opinions. It Is Easy To Pass Judgement, But Much More Difficult To Explain Why Something Is Either Right Or Wrong As A Matter Of Follow-Up Discourse, Discussion, And Debate. That Is WHY Sports Writters Seem To Avoid It At All Costs… Would Be Like Printing “A Correction” Or Worse Yet For Them “A Retraction”! –

    • Either something is wrong with your computer, keyboard, or internet, or that is the title of a book, article, or journal entry with the longest title ever.

      Regardless, we seem to agree, so for that I say, I like you.

  2. Jjaks Clayton

    Part of being accountable is also not “hiding” behind fake names. Our site names are simply a tribute to the greatest actor of our time (or any), Keanu Reeves. But follow me on twitter (@ESHJjaksClayton) and you’ll find my real name, join our group on facebook, you’ll find my real name. I’m not hiding, I welcome challenges to my opinions and thoughts. That is how knowledge spreads and ideas stay free…ask Socrates

  3. I love it. Apparently Ms. Royle did not (as I peeped out the twatting)..

    best part… you berate and destroy a fella named Frack or Frick or something, and she gets pissy with seeing the word “hypocritical” directed at her.

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