Ahhhh, Spring

February 14th, Orioles pitchers and catchers reported to camp.  This is awesome.  I look forward to that day every year, as do a countless number of other baseball fans.  Unfortunately…bloggers, reporters and tweeters also reported that day…over, and over, and over again about nothing.

The problem with the first few days of spring training is that normally there isn’t a whole lot of news coming out, yet there are 10-12 professional reporters covering it, as if there was.  In recent years, most of these reporters have added blogging and twitter to their repertoire, which  is awesome for fans if there is actual news going on.  Problem is, 99% of what these (or any) reporters see at spring training is exactly what the person sitting next to them (likely another reporter or Joe Schmoe with a twitter account) sees.  There are not very many personnel moves to break down or games to offer up opinion on yet or exclusive interviews.  Instead, I am stuck with getting angry at my own twitter feed because I wasted an hour and a half reading 37 separate tweets about Matt Angle reporting to camp early. (I’m a slow reader.)  No offense, Matt, but I couldn’t care less.  And, neither should anyone else.  Honestly, if a minor leaguer’s day by day whereabouts aren’t immediately available are you going to lose your mind?  Is there anyone out there that when they read this bit of information got so giddy with excitement that they just had to have a confirmation tweet by 12 more media outlets covering the team?  If so, get a life (unless you are Matt Angle’s family and he forgot to text you when his plane landed).

Instant gratification is overrated and annoying this time of year.  Makes me long for the times way back in the 90’s when I had to wait for the printed newspaper (do those still exist?!) to come every morning to get my Grapefruit League Orioles coverage…ah, the memories…

~ Jjaks Clayton

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