This Week In Twitter: Feb. 13–Feb. 19

Wow, I decided it would be a great idea to recap the random musings and ramblings every week on twitter.  In preparation for this, I expanded the number of people I follow from about 40, a week and a half ago, to 217 and counting, as of this morning.  While doing this I learned a few things.

These are those things:

Oriole Player Tweets:

Not many Orioles players are on twitter, and even fewer actually tweet.  Adam Jones is the most active by far, followed by Matt Hobgood and newcomer (to twitter) Brian Roberts.  I also follow Manny Machado but he rarely tweets, as well as Brendan Harris but he still thinks he plays for the Twins.

I now know that Adam Jones likes really good movies:

White chicks is still a good movie to watch when ain’t nothin on tv. #lovethewayans
He also seems to overestimate the power of teammate Nolan Reimold:
Sitting here wit Reynolds and Reimold. Who would win in a Derby
Unless he means like the Kentucky derby, or a football match, then maybe it would be a fair fight.
Matt Hobgood let us know that he loves his mother:
@Matt_Hobgood48Matt Hobgood
For my Mom for valentines day 🙂 I lovvvee her
And, really…that’s all that happened of significance this week, as far as player twitter accounts go.  I told you they are pretty boring, for the most part.

Orioles Media Tweets:

These are the people that get paid to cover the team and make a passable living doing so.  You have the MASN crew of Roch, Melewski and Royle handling most of the O’s duties.  Roch is new to twitter and a bit reluctant but it is a great way to get linked to his blog which is good for a laugh or two and some decent insight.  Melewski is the most classic “journalist” of the group and worth a follow for well thought out and researched stories.  Jenn Royle isn’t our biggest fan, although, I am making it my personal mission to get her to come around.

You also have the collective Baltimore Sun Sports section, which is terrible, minus Jeff Zrebiec who thankfully has his own twitter account.  Somehow he slipped through the cracks at the paper and uses actual facts in his pieces and understands the game of baseball.  One of the few good newspaper reporters left.

Then you have Britt Ghiroli for

I would repost something from someone in this group but honestly, it is either a link to their latest write up or a tweet that will pretty much be repeated later in the day in their next write up.  If you’ve read one of these twitter feeds so far this year then, you’ve read them all. Occasionally, Britt will post a picture, which is cool but otherwise nothing too different out of this group as far as O’s news goes.

Non-Orioles Players:

So far, these are more interesting than the current Orioles tweeters for a few reasons:

1.  Twitter name of the week goes to Derek Holland.

2.  Profile picture of the week goes to John Axford who barely beat out Derek Holland (again) who has a picture of himself picking his nose on national TV.

3. Awesomeness.

4.  It has been well-documented that I have loved Brian Wilson since before it was cool to love Brian Wilson, but ever since Baltimore traded for Mark Reynolds there has been a huge void at the position of “favorite non-Orioles position player” for me.  Twitter has helped me find a replacement.  Meet Logan Morrison of the Florida Marlins who asks:

@LoMoMarlinsLogan Morrison
I wonder what the fine would be for Tweeting during a game?
@LoMoMarlinsLogan Morrison
Like if I made a diving grab (BC I misread the ball off the bat) then immediately Tweeted “O-M-G did you just see that!?!”
@LoMoMarlinsLogan Morrison
Or during n AB, after a bad call, raise my hand 4 time, stepout & Tweet “R u kidding me w this strikezone?” Then hop back in & finish the AB

There are plenty of other players to follow. CC Sabathia likes to retweet that people love the Yankees.  Michael Cuddyer loves Survivor. Pablo Sandoval speaks Spanish.

Orioles/Local Sports Bloggers:

This seems to be the place to go to get more thought-filled analysis of what is happening around the world of baseball.  We suggest the folks over at Camden Chat, Dempsey’s Army and Camden Crazies for more Orioles centric coverage and Bmore Birds Nest, I Hate JJ Redick, Baltimore Sports Report, The Caps Lock and DC Sports Guys for local sports not focused solely on the O’s.

~ @ESHJjaksClayton

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  1. Sean

    I am now following you on the twitter. you may feel special now.

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