Blogging Adventures in Turdland

As many of our readers are fully aware, new blogs pop up every day. There are so many to keep track of.  The lifespans of these blogs vary greatly.  Some die as quick as they were born.  Others live full and bountiful lives.

A common goal is wanting to get more readers.  Some think that this will be the triumphant start of their writing careers or the next hot blog to get picked up by Yahoo Sports.  I, admittedly, was one of these people.  My fellow hooligans called me the Content Nazi.  I was the one pushing them to write articles and anything to just keep the content flowing.  I signed us up to be a part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.  I solicited link sharing with other sites.  I set a meeting with our favorite writer from Splice Today, Russ Smith.  I was feverish with it.

But soon, the Orioles were back in the shitter and we sort of lost interest.  Well I wouldn’t say interest.  Lets just say that there wasn’t really much else you could say about the situation.  Off-seasons are hard to come up with stuff.  It’s just hard to keep content churning out.  Another factor in the me-not-giving-a-shit-revolution was that no one reads this site.  We have very few readers.  The ones that do, seem to like it and the others, well, don’t.  We swear, we goad, we antagonize, we have fun.  Things our contemporaries are in short supply of.  Besides, calling main-stream writers dickheads isn’t a good way to build relationships in the business anyway.

It didn’t happen right away but I’m happy with our place in the market.  We’re doing things the way we want to do them and we’ll keep coming up with new things that might be interesting.  At this point, if our friends laugh, that’s fucking good enough.

So here we are.  Content with our status as a marginal Orioles blog that offers something a little different from what you’ll find elsewhere.  If you like it, keep reading and commenting.  If you don’t, we won’t have any hard feelings.  We get it.  But, before you want to do a link share or cross-promotion, at least do a little research first.  Which brings me to my latest email run-in.

Hello,  I’m [First Name] Shoemaker, founder of a newly built baseball website called [Name Redacted]. We started this website a little over two weeks ago from today. In one week, we have been contacted by ESPN personalities and also featured on MLBTraderumors. We do have a steady amount of traffic as well and just like you, we are looking to advance that.  The reason I am writing this email is for a possibility of us joining up and possibly helping each other out.
Therefore, I am proposing that we can each do a guest entry on each others sites (maybe one of my writers or one of your writers; can even be me and you). Or we can simply just put links to each others pages on our sites. Maybe I can do an interview on you or site as well.  Want to aim for something of a bigger impact? So do I, let me know what your ideas are, I have a few myself.  Let me know what you think, won’t keep you long with this email.
Take Care,
[Name Redacted] Shoemaker

And my response:

Have you actually read out site?  Are you sure want to associate with us if you have actual espn people contacting you?

If you haven’t, I’d suggest you read through a few posts…after which you may reconsider.

Good luck with your site though.

~Kevin Boilermaker

I never heard back so I’m assuming he reconsidered.  Oh well.



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10 responses to “Blogging Adventures in Turdland

  1. duker

    I like how you redacted his name the first time, but not in the signature.

  2. Bob Lockard

    I read this site regularly. You have about the same opinions on the O’s as I do so it is easy for me to like it 🙂 Just wamted you to know you have at least one guy in Texas checking up on ya’ll. Born in BMore many moons ago. Consider this an attempt to encourage you all to continue. Thanks for your work.

  3. doctorright

    Hiya. I read this site all the time. It’s hilarious, and I laugh my nutsack halfway off almost every time I do. I share a worldview with you guys- apparently- though I tend to be a bit more dipshit positive about the O’s. Because I’m kind of a dipshit. The writing is refreshingly honest- reading you guys might be as awesome as being balls deep in some drunken B-more skank, but I barely remember what that’s like, so maybe it’s not. I don’t know. Either way, keep writing, and I’ll keep stealing your shit and quoting it to others. BRAVO! Hugs, Doc

    • Jjaks Clayton

      I don’t even know how to reply. Other than to ask where you hang out so I can call ahead and let the doormen know to be on Roofie Alert.

      But thanks for reading, we appreciate it.

      • doctorright

        Jjaks- Yeah, that comment didn’t come out right. I was badly mis-quoted. Which is weird, because I typed it myself, but I’ve heard that can happen.
        I in NO WAY meant any disrespect to any of the lovely young ladies in Charm City.
        But, I’m known to have an adult beverage now and again, and perhaps the damage is beginning to show.
        Keep fighting the good fight. GO O’s!!!
        With Deepening Regret, Doc

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