Not to be confused with Cowherd but I can see how the two can be tricky to separate.  So this week we’ve been having a polite back and forth with Jaime Shoemaker (aka Name Redacted Shoemaker).  To get yourself caught up, if you aren’t already, start here and then go here.

Caught up?  Good.  Lets press on.

So we never heard back from Jaime Rainmaker regarding our post.  Not sure if he ever got it, I decided to head back to his site and read through the comments.  I was blown away.  I posted replies to some of the most egregious comments, linking to our post again so people might do a little reading.

I then went to a post that was in full on support of Jaime’s article and posted there too.  Before I go on, let me say that the purveyor of this site actually responded and had a good back and forth with Jjaks last night.  So kudos to you sir.  And I’m sorry I started off so strong but, honestly, I was in fucking hysterics and I didn’t follow the Jjaks’ method of relaxing before posting.

Now back to Jaime Pooptaker.

I told him via twitter that I had responded and that I hoped he would allow my comments and actually respond to our critique.

@FenceBaseball i just went through your chipper jones article, left some comments. if you dont approve them, dont worry, i took a screen cap

I also told him we wanted a response.

@FenceBaseball we sure would like a response to our article though…

So imagine my surprise this morning when I find that I can’t access the site!  It appears, he blocked my (one of my) IP addresses.  I checked on my phone and the site in fact is up and running.  Jjaks also confirmed.  (Side note, the Chipper Jones article we have been focused on is the top post according to google, so you’re welcome.  You actually got the publicity you were looking for from us.)

And would you believe it, none of my comments made it through moderation.

If that isn’t the most cowardly thing I’ve ever seen by a writer, I don’t know what is.  But like I said in my tweet to him, I did take a screen cap so you can read it in full here.  (I found opening the image in a new tab, zooming in and out using your scroll wheel while holding the ctrl key works best.)

Am I wrong here?  Was this not a cowardly act?

What sticks out most to me is that he was having another back and forth with some other dude and he was getting all “I’m just having a debate here”.  Yet, mine, and most importantly, Jjaks’ points were not addressed at all.  So now you aren’t just a coward, you’re a hypocrite.

We would never censor comments.  At least I don’t think we have.  We  had a pretty good case to with this nut-bar doctorright, but we didn’t.  Just kidding doc.  Everyone feel free to post all the weird crap you want as long as it’s semi-on topic and not spam.

By censoring, you not only threw in the towel for yourself but you also didn’t allow your readers to reply to my comment.  You censored those who may have been up for a good back and forth.  You could have even jumped in and said, “don’t do it here, do it somewhere else”.  But you didn’t.  You held their tongues for them.  Way to go Mubarak/Kadafi/Ahmadinejad.  Whoa…hard right turn onto Topical Lane.

Again, if you are going to write something, be prepared to stand behind it and admit defeat or fight until the bitter end.  But don’t run away.  Coward.

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One response to “Coward

  1. doctorright

    FINALLY! Someone who really gets me!!!

    I knew this Jaime Escalante guy was a pussy.

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