This Week In Twitter: Feb. 20–Feb. 26

Hello, everyone, and welcome to your second edition of This Week In Twitter.

Let me start by suggesting you give a follow to Jeff Polman (@funkyball77) – a blogger, strat master and all around good guy despite the team he roots for.

A lot has happened in the world of twitter since last week, unfortunately not a lot of it was that interesting.  Not anything by any of the players anyway.  Let’s cut them some slack, they are getting back into the swing of things and reuniting with teammates.  And honestly, this weeks edition wasn’t going to be about them anyway unless there was something really, really awesome that happened.  Nope, this week I was going to introduce a new part of TWIT which I hope can become an ongoing segment of this column…

Twitter Fights!

Ah, yes.  Good old conflict.  We here at ESH obviously love it seeing as how we invite it in some form with every piece we write.  But we’re not the only ones to blame.  It takes two (at least) to be a fight.  And it doesn’t always have to be our responsibility to start it.  If I may quote Chappelle’s Show, “if there’s hate in your heart, let it out.”

Hate,  such a funny word.  I had a conversation last week (which I decided not to include in Volume I of TWIT) about the word “hate” with @JenRoyleMASN.  It was a rather civil conversation (I thought) about how it isn’t true animosity in sports, but instead comes with the territory of being a fan. Not only do you love your own team but, by association, you hate certain teams (e.g. Red Sox, Yankees).  I can’t remember if this happened before or after she took offense to finding out that Kevin Lomax called her a hypocrite in one of his write ups and vowed never to read our site again.  Which is pretty immature, in my opinion.  It would be like me refusing to read anything she writes for MASN because Roch badmouthed me.  (Hypothetical of course, Roch knows that an Arundel grad can take an Old Mill grad in ANYTHING.)  Or that I would stop listening to 105.7 because Garceau likes lacrosse and I think it’s dumb. (It is.)  Anyway, I was unprepared to defend Lomax’s stance because I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant about her being a hypocrite, but I quickly found out.  I said nothing inflammatory towards her in that conversation and, in fact, thought it was rather cordial.  Then, she completely and obviously blew me off with this final tweet:

@JenRoyleMASN Jen Royle:
@ESHJjaksClayton Alright well this hypocrite carpetbagger is off to bed. Nice talk, Russ.
I direct you to urban dictionary if you don’t know what I mean here.  For someone who felt disrespected by the term hypocrite (and from what I have recently seen, ANY type of criticism of her), she sure was quick to dole out some disrespect of her own.  She more recently had a run in this week with @BmoreBirdsNest when she said on the radio that she doesn’t understand how people can take joy in their teams playing the role of “spoiler.”  Let’s just say that again, she took the high road and was full of respect for anyone questioning her opinions.  So, in review…she can blow you off in obvious fashion and “hate” things but you cannot “hate” things or disagree with her opinions without being blocked.  You’re right, Jen.  There’s nothing hypocritical about that.  It took me less than 2 weeks (which coincidentally is the entire time I’ve ever read anything she has ever written) to gather all the evidence I needed to validate the opinion of Kevin Lomax.  Maybe it’s better you don’t read our space any more.


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2 responses to “This Week In Twitter: Feb. 20–Feb. 26

  1. Charlie Conway

    I’ll tell you why I hate Jen Royle, and its not even for the Yankees things (although that would be enough on its own merit), its because she writes, acts, talks, and lives her life like a drunken sorority girl.

    She is an affront to the position she holds, plain and simple.

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