This Week In Twitter: February 27 – March 5 ( duh, #winning)

Oh my, if you were on twitter this week you know that this was the week that crazy ass Charlie Sheen joined this online community of wackos and instantly became king.  This guy is a train wreck and is now apparently in the Guinness Book Of World Records for his twitter prowess.  This shit is crazy, almost as crazy as he is.  Let me start by saying I eat it up, and it is awesome.  Warlocks?  Tiger Blood?  Ninja Assassins?  All awesome, but I think 1 week is about all the awesome I can take.  We need Jake Taylor to come talk some sense into this guy, ASAP.

In Actual Orioles News:

I also started following Chris Hoiles.  He is much less crazy but was one badass catcher.

Today is also the 21st birthday of O’s prospect LJ Hoes who could one day make a dynamic double play combo with The Macho Man.  By simple math, this means I will use tons and tons of Hulk Hogan references when talking about @MRLJHOES2U and if/when he and Machado take the field together I will only refer to them as The Mega Powers.

Elsewhere in Twitter

There was plenty of good content floating around the Orioles related twitterverse this week.

Like this.

Or this.

And this.

Here too.

Local Sports

He’s back!  Been putting pucks back in the net and after a long vacation now he is back on twitter also.  I give you The Great 8, Alex Ovechkin.  Twitter transcends language barriers and with the ridiculous shit this guys does there are sure to be some tweets or pics that warrant a follow.

That’s it for this week.  I can’t wait for the season to start.  See you at the Yard

~ Jjaks Clayton


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