Det. Tom Ludlow is On the Scene

Keep an eye out for Tom’s twitter feed.  He’s doing some top notch investigative tweeting while in Florida.

I, thankfully, will be joining him on Friday.  I’m sick of this Maryland weather.

Favorite tweets so far:

Not thanking God (don’t believe in him anyway) that this Damn song followed me here. Worst. Song. Ever. #fuckjohndenver

Hilarious but that song does suck.

Luke scott just jokingly tried to order 2 beers and then said he was going to double fist em. Awesome.

Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see, hear, or have us do while we are there.  This weekend you should see the multi-media step up a little bit.  I’m taking 2 still camera’s (1 film so you won’t see those for a while), an audio recorder, and a video camera.  I’ll have my laptop and maybe between eating at all the stops on Man V. Food Sarasota, I’ll post some stuff.  Before you ask…I’m not eating the wings.  I’ve never seen food do that to a human being.  He almost died and he only ate two.  Yeah…died.


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One response to “Det. Tom Ludlow is On the Scene

  1. robimos855

    Good luck with the fat sandy, it looked kind of scary too

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