This Week In Twitter: March 6 – March 12

This week in twitter we learned a couple things.  First and foremost, we learned that if you want to know what really happens at spring training you come to the Eutaw Street Hooligans and our on the scene reporter, Detective Tom Ludlow:

Luke scott just jokingly tried to order 2 beers and then said he was going to double fist em. Awesome.
Also, he provides an accurate in depth look into the personal lives of new Orioles:
Brendan harris comes to the plate to limp bizkit. Its official. He’s a douche.
That, my friends is the kind of hard hitting analysis we pride ourselves on here at ESH, none of this copy and paste tweeting you get from everyone else…
masnRoch Roch Kubatko
#Orioles lineup vs. Pirates: Hardy 6, Jones 8, Reynolds 5, Guerrero DH, Fox 7, Reimold 9, Snyder 3, Tatum 2, Adams 4. Bergesen RHP
Britt_Ghiroli Brittany Ghiroli
#Orioles @Pitt: Hardy 6, Jones 8, Reynolds 5, Guerrero DH, Fox 7, Reimold 9, Snyder 3, Tatum 2, Adams 4, Bergesen 1
Boring….but at least they didn’t make me click a link to read it like Zrebiec.
jeffzrebiecsun Jeff Zrebiec
Orioles lineup tonight versus Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton

In Orioles News:

I wonder if Adam Jones was on #TeamACSlater or #TeamZackMorris ?

since im up, i dont really wanna watch sportscenter so its Saved by the Bell reruns. i still love this show
Also, Brendan Harris finally updated his profile….kind of….at least it appears to be an Orioles hat in his picture.  Now if we can get rid of that Minnesota Twins background.  Maybe he is waiting to see if he makes the squad first.

Non-Orioles Feat of the Week:

This is truly impressive, don’t believe me?  Ask his teammates Ricky Romero, Jesse Litsch and JP Arencibia

Lunchboxhero45 Travis Snider
25oz Chateau before

Lunchboxhero45 Travis Snider 

25oz Chateau after + 6oz.. In under 5 minutes. @JesseLitsch@RickyRo24 @jparencibia9 witnessed

Until next time

~ Jjaks Clayton


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