Things that Annoy Me: Forum Behavior

Online forums can be a great source of information, community, and headache…all at the same time.  The biggest issue is that it’s difficult for almost everyone to articulate their thoughts and feelings accurately in the written word, when so much of tone, body language, and sarcasm can’t be portrayed or at the very least, is difficult.  Unless they made a sarcasm font, which I’ve repeatedly appealed to Steve and Bill to do.

So clearly you have the major issues like trolls and other idiots that are the equivalent of talking to brick walls.  But, there are subtle annoyances in forums that everyone knows but are likely, too afraid or apathetic to say anything about.  Well, I don’t care.  I’m going to say it.

#1 – Too many threads guy.

It’s annoying because everythought that pops in this guys head, he deams worthy enough to start a whole new topic.  It would look something like this:

me:  Japan sure has a lot of issues facing it right now.

him:  Man can you believe canned air costs so much?

me:  Alright, I’ll play.  Yeah canned air sure does cos-

him:  I drove to Ocean City one year.

me:  Fuck!

Slow your roll dude.  And most of these brilliant* new thoughts, to be fair, offer nothing to the community.  How many fucking times are you going to copy a link from another source just to make it it’s own thread?  Do I really need to read the same shit 3 times you snake in the grass?

#2 – Multiple colors, styles, sizes in your writing with no coherent reason as to why.

I know it seems like I’m picking on this guy, but for fucks sake, he’s just a really easy target.

Why does this need to be in bold, orange, italics, etc.?  Here are acceptable uses for font size changes, color changes, and style changes.


“Could you be any more annoying?” – Classic Chandler Bing sarcasm there with the italics.

or “Really, you honestly believe this?”

and you could even make a case for “Really, you honestly believe this?”

See how it adds to the inflection in your head?  That’s what italics is for.  It’s to emphasize something or add tone and context (to the best of written words ability).


“Mark Reynolds just chiton that fucking ball.  I mean it was fucking gone.”

Again…adding emphasis is the key here.  I’m going to skip underline because it’s basically the same thing.  Let’s change gears.


“Buck was seeing RED man.  He was fuckin pissed.”

Using multiple colors is usually always ill-advised.  It’s kind of girly, even when done manly.  Plus some people are handicapped with color-blindness and it really makes it hard for us them to read sometimes.

It is never.  I mean never** acceptable to use multiple colors in one word or sentence by alternating every other letter or word.  Fuck me it was the same fucking guy!  He even used different sizes which means next on our list is


WordPress won’t easily let me adjust the size without using HTML coding so let’s, for the sake of moving things along, just assume that when something is ALL CAPS it’s implying that it was made to be bigger.

“That Hilton Hotel is a fucking HUGE eyesore!”

You get the idea.  Make things bigger or smaller to emphasize something physical.  I kind of feel the same way about sizes that I do colors.  Sometimes it’s good to make a joke funnier, but most often, it’s stupid.

So now that you have some idea on how word processors and computers work, I hope you put them to good use.

For those of you interested, I think I’m going to make this a weekly thing, cause there is tons of shit out there that annoys the piss out of me.  See you at the yard April 4th.

*sarcasm. hopefully you already read on and now understand what this asterix was for.

** see what I did there? An example from our previous lesson.  I should teach fucking grade-school man.  I’m brilliant.



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2 responses to “Things that Annoy Me: Forum Behavior

  1. Jjaks Clayton

    My fave is when ur so gr8 that u think its kewl 2 freely defecate on the english language however u c fit cuz your 2 lazy 2 type real wordz.

  2. duker

    The multi-color thing is sometimes from cut and paste. I haven’t been to that forum so I don’t know what their input textbox is like but many will do markup right in the textbox. I bet that guy cut and pasted the headline right from the MASN site which uses large orange headlines.

    I’m not excusing it, because after you paste it, you should see that it looks fucking stupid and fix it.

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