UPDATED: This Week In Twitter: March 13 – 20

TWIT is going to be an every Monday thing instead of an every Saturday thing from now on.  Mark your calendars sheep.

Anyway, I’m going to do a little guest hosting today since Jjaks is probably still detained down in Port Charlotte.  Clearly I’m kidding so don’t get worked up.  But whoever that person was, thanks a lot for doing that for us.  We’re all in your debt.  We’ve always wanted to be considered not just a shitty baseball team but racist fans too.

I say, whenever we play the Red Sox or Yankees, someone should wear their gear and start screaming at the Orioles players all kinds of nasty shit.  We’ll just have to make sure the players know we are in on it or something.  I haven’t worked all the kinks out.  It’s 8am on Monday morning.  Give me a break.

UPDATE:  Apparently it’s this guy.  Maybe.  Who knows.

This update will be mainly about shit that happend on my feed as I don’t follow as many players as Jjaks.  But at least Hobgood didn’t block me.  On to the twitterness:

I learned pig latin.

MLB Trade Rumors goes South of the Border.

Some guy tried to pick a tweet-fight with me because he’s computer and/or english illiterate, then backs down because I have 17 pieces of paper he wants back, then emails and direct messages me every fucking second asking for it back.  Links to this story are not necessarily in order but if you’re interested, you can figure it out.

Some Qween thought she’d like to start playing Words with Friends. Then got dominated.

McCutchen backed down on his Wieters complaining.

Garrett Atkins…still shitty.  I don’t participate in the #FF business but if I did…I’d say you should follow this guy.  If you aren’t, you’re missing out.

That’s all I guess.  Tom Ludlow has been saying for like a week he was going to post something about his trip to Sarasota this year or a second installment of his MLB Network post but he’s done neither.  Hopefully one gets put up tomorrow.  My good friend and commentor Sox Fan in Hiding is mulling over a few post ideas that’s got his blood pumping so maybe one of those drops this week.  I’ll be putting up the second installment of the Things that Annoy Me series on Thursday.  And maybe, just maybe, someone writes something stupid that pisses one of us off.  Been a little drought on idiocy the past week or so.

And before we finish today, I wanted to make a little noise for the guys who made this shirt.  Larry Noto hosted a stand up comedy competition that I was in at Baltimore Comedy Factory and for one of my first experiences doing that, there couldn’t have been a nicer guy leading the way.  If you want to start following a comedian destined for some good things, check out the eventual winner of the competition and the only guy to beat me twice (fucker) Ben Rosen.

If anyone wants to play in the ESH fantasy league again this year…hit me up and I’ll send you the info.  I’m thinking it’s going to be smaller this year which is better because I got my ass handed to me last time.

Who’s ready for April 4?


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  1. Conor O'Neill

    As for screaming racist obscenities at Orioles opponents, I hear this kid is looking for work:

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