Some Things to Nibble On

Jjaks swears he’s going to put up the TWIT for this week tonight so you can read that tomorrow.  Also have something from a guest coming up soon.  Until then…

Cuts!  We have cuts today.  Most are from the not surprising category.  Reimold to re-slay AAA pitchers.  Hendrickson is gone.  Winn is gone.  This is awesome by the way:

@ESPNFrankJeff:  Don’t like the Randy Winn cut.  He’s too gritty to not have on this team.  His baseball IQ is one of the highest on the team.

@Bmoresportslife:  Winn?  What place did he have on the roster? Have to keep Pie over him.

@ESPNFrankJeff:  sometimes you need leaders on the team. Winn’s intangibles are too important.

That was like a mini-TWIT.  Taste good?

Now from the oddly still hanging on a wall somewhere in Baltimore category:

And finally, if the court will allow Exhibit #12 bazillion:

Let’s all wear our refresh buttons our reading game threads and watching MLB Gameday since no one thought today’s game was worth broadcasting.

Will we see any of you other Orioles Yahoo’s on Friday at Pickles?


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