Things That Annoy Me – Strikeouts

That’s a bit misleading.  Because I don’t hate strike outs.  I dislike them, sure.  It’s an out.  But it’s no worse an out than a ground out unless a runner could have been advanced or something like that but still…

You know who hates strike outs?  Everyone in the fucking world that gets paid to talk about Mark Reynolds.  Similar to last weeks thread about the incessant discussions of Vlad’s bad ball hitting prowess, this one really irks the shit out of me.

Here’s why. And here.

The dude gets on base (.334 OBP) and he hammers the ball (.817 OPS) when he hits it.  Also, he’s not as bad as his year last year.  So shut up about it.  Seriously…shut up about all of it.  Just watch him hit dingers and play a solid third base and stop talking about K’s.

If you’re going to talk about all the K’s at least say something original instead of the same thing you said yesterday.  Or the day before.  Or the day before.  Or the day before. Or…..

Kevin Lomax died of an anyuersm.

~ Regis Stanzcak

Be sure to join us tomorrow night at Pickles so I can steal some of your awesome baseball ideas and give them to Andy to pass off as his own.


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  1. doctorright

    I was trying to explain to an older relative when the Os traded for Reynolds that the guy takes a lot of pitches. My old dude kept referring back to BA, etc., and I had to explain the concepts of lies, damned lies, and assholes who lie while trying to sway you with carefully chosen statistics. The bottom line is I’ll take a 27 year old with mammoth power in an offensive-minded ballpark (can ballparks have a mind? Do I?) who plays a decent 3B over some of the Os alternatives. Which were…

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