2011 Eutaw Street Hooligans Fantasy Draft Recap

On Sunday we had the draft for our second ever Eutaw Street Hooligans fantasy baseball league.  It has taken until Friday to get the recap up because I did about a thousand times more prep for this piece than I did for the draft itself.  Not a surprise if you have ever fantasized about me played fantasy sports with me before.  I’m terrible at it, and I will prove that by the end of the year.  

Thank you to the participants, in no particular order, The DC Sports Guys (@dcsportsguys), Bmore Birds Nest (@BMoreBirdsNest), Lester Averman (@Lester_Averman) from The Caps Lock, and reader Charlie Conway (@AC_Unit13) of Mighty Ducks fame.  They will take on myself, Jjaks Clayton, and the other Hooligans Detective Tom Ludlow, Johnny Eutaw, Kevin Lomax, Shane Falco and Ted “Theodore” Logan.  The not so obvious team names are as follows:  Arrietable Underwear is managed by Jjaks Clayton, Regis Stanczak is managed by Kevin Lomax, It’s Business Time is managed by Johnny Eutaw, Just Doumit is managed by Shane Falco and Wyld Stallyns is managed by Ted “Theodore” Logan.

So, the highlights of the draft are as follows:

Ted Logan obviously hates the Orioles because he gained the distinction of drafting the first doucher wearing a Yankees or Red Sox uniform when he (auto)drafted Robinson Cano.

Not to be out done, Lester Averman picked Yankees First Baseman 7 picks later.  Personally, I’ve never heard of the guy he drafted but I assume he is a giant dickhead.

Biggest “homer” award goes to me because I drafted 4 Orioles.

Did I mention one of those is Alfredo Simon?

And another is Luke Scott, so if nothing else I will be the most armed team in the league, though Lester Averman and his Evan Longoria pickup are giving me a run for my money.

Here are the full draft results for the none of you that are interested.

Now to the part that took me an entire work week to post, the Pre Season Power Rankings (just pretend this was up before the first day of games)

I took an average of the yearly projections from ESPN, Yahoo! and PECOTA for every player drafted in the league and then combined those numbers to find each teams “average player”  I then played out a set of “games” versus the entire league and assigned 2 points to a win and one point for a tie in each category.  It took a long time, and I immediately regretted doing it as I started.  But, I finished…finally, so here are my Power Rankings with total points earned in parenthesis:

1.  Det Tom Ludlow (150)

2.  Lester Averman (149)

3.  Just Doumit (140)

4.  Arrietable Underwear (138)

5.  Regis Stanczak (120)

6.  Wyld Stallyns (112)

7.  It’s Business Time (109)

8.  Gunnar Stahl (107)

9.  B’Mo Birds Nest (86)

10. DC Sports Guys (62)

Read ’em and weep.  Most of the weeping should be done by the DC Sports Guys though according to those rankings.  I’ll update this hopefully on a semi regular basis so stay tuned and if you disagree with my ranking have at it in the comments section.

We hope to see everyone tonight at Pickles as we tag along with the folks over at Camden Chat for their Opening Night meet up to watch the game.  If not, then we’ll see you at the yard on April 4th.  It can’t come soon enough.

~ Jjaks Clayton


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3 responses to “2011 Eutaw Street Hooligans Fantasy Draft Recap

  1. Tom Ludlow

    You forgot to mention who the defending champion is. (Hint: He’s also the leader in the pre-season power rankings)

  2. Johnny Eutaw

    I got Poopelbon. Can I ship him up to Boston? Also, is it possible that I drop all players but Dunn and Rollins (he’s hilarious, like Nick Cannon)?

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