Deep thoughts, by Tom Ludlow

Let me get the first thing out of the way, the Orioles have won the first three games of the 2011 season. Yippee ki-yay mother fuckers!

Now for some complaints.

We’ve won two games but lost two players in the process. I’m sure by now you all know that Brian Matusz has an intercostal strain and will likely miss at least a month. That was awesome news. During last night’s game, Luke Scott went ahead and strained his groin, he is day to day. However, if a DL stint is needed aren’t all you Nolan Reimold fans happy we have some depth so you can stop those tears? I expect that we will see either Pie or Fox in left field for today’s game. I guess it depends on whether Buck lets Wieters catch a day game after a night game. We could have both of them in the lineup.

Both of our “awesome” free agent reliever signings had to be bailed out last night. The Siduation came in and apparently couldn’t see anything more than 5 feet in front of him. He was just guessing where the batter and plate were, and not well. Koji Uehara came in and bailed him out of his mess the best he could. Kevin Gregg, who is not a closer, then came in to close up the ninth. He looked awful and nearly gave up a game tying extra base hit but Nick Markakis bailed him out with a phenomenal catch to end the game. I hope he bought him dinner, or at least a beer.

With the news of Brian Matusz’s injury, the Orioles have called up Zach Britton to start today. Unless they figure out a way to maniuplate his service time later in his career, which seems shittier to do to him, this is beyond idiotic. You don’t waste an entire year of control in a guy’s prime just to avoid Brad Bergesen making a few starts. They could have easily just plugged in Bergesen and used some sort of spot starter for 2 starts just to make it to April 20th. Then you call up Britton and keep him until 2017. This is not what smart teams do, but then again we already know the O’s aren’t smart. That said, I will be excited to watch him pitch and I hope he does really well even if I don’t agree with the move.

Vladimir Guerrero’s at bats infuriate me. I knew they were going to but it is fucking ridiculous. I’m pretty sure the  dude only took one pitch last night in four at bats. No, for real. I don’t care if he runs into something on occasion, he makes quick quick outs. At least Reynolds makes the pitcher work a little. Vlad just flails away at everything, it disgusts me.

On the plus side, the O’s offense really hasn’t gotten going yet and we are still 2-0. However, you can bet your ass that our starters won’t continue to pitch like this. Chris Tillman was lucky last night, he was shaky against a mediocre offense. He walked the tightrope all night and somehow stumbled his way to the other side. He can’t fall behind that many hitters and throw that many pitches every time out, I can assure you of that.

Positive, positive, positive… Let’s get the sweep bitches!


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5 responses to “Deep thoughts, by Tom Ludlow

  1. TexasOtime

    Yup, yup and yup. Win ’em any way you can, but I, too see the cracks. One thing though…..some things you simply have to accept and one is Vlad’s approach to hitting (swinging, flailing, massacering (sp), adjectiving) or the season will not be very enjoyable 4 times a game. Part of the 12 step program of the 2011 O’s.

  2. From the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated, and I quote:

    “I don’t practice hitting any pitch. I don’t worry about a pitch, whether it is a fastball, curveball, slider or changeup. I just try to see the ball and swing as hard as I can.”

    – Vladimir Guerrero

  3. patrick

    I heard something to the effect that the O’s can send Britton down for 20 or so days and get back the year of control they lost bringing him up in the first week.

    • Jjaks Clayton

      That is correct, but will be harder to pull off if he continues to pitch well enough than it would have been to just keep him down in the first place.

      • Tom Ludlow

        It also makes more sense to do it from the start since you only need a fifth starter a couple of times in the first few weeks.

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