Really Tha Siduation? Really?

Why do our relievers hate winning?  You may remember Kevin Gregg recently said some dumb shit.  No?  Read it here.

Well it appears to have rubbed off on Mike “Tha Save Siduation” Gonzalez.  Roch has the full story but I’d like to offer my commentary, well, because some of you assholes like to read it.  Let’s get into it.

I feel bad about giving up that run of J.J.’s. I didn’t want to give up (Johnson’s) run. That’s what I feel bad about.

Nothing wrong here.  Except it sets things up with this sort of ominous cloud.  “That’s what I feel bad about.”  That’s it?  Surely there is more right?  Letting down the rest of your team?  Letting down Bergy, who miraculously kept it close against Lester and the Sox?

The results, seriously, I don’t feel bad or frustrated whatsoever.

To borrow a line from my favorite new show; wait, what?  None of that other stuff I said up top there?

What I wanted was to go out there and have my mindset. It really didn’t even have to do with the velocity. It just had to do with my mindset. I felt really good today. I felt really comfortable and it just didn’t go my way. But I will fight like this all day. I’ll go every day to work like that feeling the way I felt today. No frustration whatsoever.

Spoken like a true asshole.  All you give a shit about is your comfort.  Not frustrated that people are watching this shit at home, hating your guts? Not frustrated that you are embarrassing us in front of those assholes from Virginia who call themselves Sox fans?  Not frustrated that we could have overtaken them in the standings with a series against two struggling AL Central teams on the horizon?  Alright.

I was trying to just stay in the moment because I felt so good. I hadn’t felt like that all year. And like I said, it had nothing to do with results. To me, it had nothing to do with velocity. To me, it was the way I felt, my rhythm, my motion, everything felt back to where it was before. Seriously, I didn’t even feel much of that last year when I came back. I’m excited about that, I can’t lie. I’m excited about that. 

He went on to add, “I’m excited by how my pants fit tonight as well.  Super comfortable.  Sam, the equipment guy, used some sort of new detergent or softener or something…it really made them hug my curves.  Plus I was doing a real heavy chest and arms set right before I went in to the game.  Really blasted my pecks and bi’s.  I could barely lift my arms when I went out there.  But it felt good.  I had a good swoll on and I could tell the bitches were totally vibing me.  Obviously, you don’t want to give up a couple runs. That’s how it is, but to sacrifice a couple runs for the way I felt today, I will do that every day.”

Just kidding.  No one would ever say that after performing so shitty.  That would be just about the dumbest thing ever.

Obviously, you don’t want to give up a couple runs. That’s how it is, but to sacrifice a couple runs for the way I felt today, I will do that every day.

Are you fucking kidding me?  I certainly hope so.

If you are ok with sacrificing a few runs to feel good on the mound, I sure as shit hope that Buck never runs your ass back out there.  Maybe it’s the language barrier.  Maybe it’s just frustration masked with denial.  Hopefully he comes out and eases back on some of those comments because at this point, I’d ship his ass out of here.  Our two highest paid relievers are acting like real idiots.

In other news.  Sorry there was none of the weekly posts while I was gone.  Well, just the things that annoy me post.  The TWIT thing is Jjaks’ baby and he routinely neglects it.  He says he is going to do a power rankings for our fantasy league to update everyone.  Here’s a preview…I haven’t won yet.  Not one.  Shit.

For those interested, I was in Greece and Italy for two weeks.  Couldn’t find Markakis’ family or Angelos’.  Oh well.  There were two ports that I found free wifi and I jumped on the droid to get an O’s update.  First port, we’d lost 6 in a row.  By the second, we’d lost 8 in a row.  Suck me sideways.  At least we’ve won a few since I’ve been home.  Keep it up and pound the shit out of the Central and we’re right back in the hunt!

Just kidding.

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  1. doctorright

    He’s aggressive. He goes right after you.
    So, um, watch out, fellas.
    Holy shit.

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