Where to begin…

The Baltimore Orioles look a lot like the Baltimore Orioles these days. Just when you think they might be better, they may have turned a corner, they shit themselves the minute they see Red Sox or Yankees. With two heartbreaking late game losses in a row, we’ve seen this movie before… many times.

What will probably stick in most people’s minds about last night’s loss to the Yankees was Mike Gonzalez’s appearance. Yes, he fucked up as usual. Then he proceeded to hit the next batter in the face, which was awesome. It was just too bad it was some guy I’ve never heard of instead of someone important. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it was Robinson Cano, and he died…

Relax, I’m not joking.

The reality of last night’s game however, was that the Orioles hitters lost the game. Before Mike Gonzalez entered the game, the Orioles shitty bullpen has thrown 7 scoreless innings. During that time, the Orioles left 13 runners on base. The Orioles almost had 2 men on per inning during that 7 inning stretch, and failed to score. The offense has been brutal pretty much all year, and last night was a perfect example.

Back to Gonzalez, he can’t seriously be this bad all year can he? How can a guy who came to Baltimore with a sub 3 career ERA be THIS bad? Most would say it defies logic, but it makes total sense. The explanation?

The Baltimore Orioles signed him. As most of us know, the Orioles track record of signing relief pitching free agents is stellar. Just go ahead and think of the money and years we have spent on free agent relief pitchers in the last few years alone. Walker, Bradford, Baez, Kline, Dejean, Bass, Hawkins…the list is long. As a matter of fact, have the Orioles ever spent a significant amount of money on a reliever and had it pay off? I can’t think of a single instance. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned somewhere… Nope, I lost it.

After Gonzalez was ejected last night it was decided by Buck Showalter that it was a good idea to bring in Jeremy Guthrie, today’s scheduled starter, to pitch the rest of the 15th inning. With this brilliant move, we will now get to witness our pal Turd Bergesen facing off against the secondary owner of the Baltimore Orioles, C.C. Sabathia.

Yup, we’re not set up for a patented Baltimore Orioles tailspin at all…




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3 responses to “Where to begin…

  1. Dan

    Against the Red Sox: hitting and starting pitching look good, bullpen does everything in their power to lose the game.
    Against the Yankees: Starting pitching and bullpen look good, hitting does everything in their power to lose the game.


  2. Sheriff of Rottingham

    The schedule gets a little easier for the next 30 games after tonight so hopefully they can get their shit together. Gonzo needs to go though…fo sho.

    Also, Vlad for Prez.

    • Tom Ludlow

      Vlad’s been a beast in May, no doubt. He also stopped swinging at everything between the dugouts. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Still think he OPSs under .820 on the year, and if that’s the case… it’s still a bad signing.

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