EriK the dick

Tonight’s Orioles game is interesting enough for me to stay up to watch the whole thing. The Orioles are in the midst of a very typical 4 game losing streak in which the starting pitching has been awful and the offense has completely disappeared. The bullpen on the other hand has actually been pretty solid. Funny how this game works isn’t it? So why the hell would I want to watch tonight’s game? Quite simple really, Erik Bedard is pitching.

Yes Orioles fans, that Erik Bedard. Bedard has been on a roll of late and has pitched to a 1.08 ERA in his last 5 starts spanning 33 1/3 innings. When he is healthy, he does shit like that. That kind of pitching is what made me admire Bedard when he wore my team’s uniform. Sure, he was certainly injury prone and maybe he threw too many pitches a little too often, but he put up zeroes and missed a shitload of bats. I miss that, and I miss him being a total dick to the media.

The second thing that Bedard was famous for when he wasn’t dominating opposing offenses was being a hilarious and sarcastic asshole to members of the media. Some people hated him for it, I found it to be hysterical. Bedard’s treatment of the media is well documented, one search on Google will let you know that. A favorite of mine was the infamous interview during spring training when Bedard entered the presser and announced to all media members in the room that he would answer only 4 questions. One reporter responded, “Why only four?”. Bedard answered, “That’s one”.  That’s good shit if you ask me. Bedard most common answer during press conferences and post-game interviews is known to be “Stupid question, next”. Some people hate his attitude towards the media and hate that he gives answers like that, as I already stated, I love it. Let’s be honest, the media does ask stupid questions and it is refreshing to hear someone call them out rather than spew out the same lame ass cliches as everybody else. I miss Erik Bedard in Baltimore, and I am certainly disappointed in the way his trade has turned out even if it is still a good trade.  I remember something along the lines of Votto, Cueto, and Stubbs being on the table at one point, and that would have been awesome in hindsight.

Back to actual baseball, I totally expect Bedard to carve the Orioles up like lesser left handed starters already have this year.  A part of of me will enjoy that, even if it means watching the Orioles suck for a 5th straight game.



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  1. Couz

    We need more dickheads. Nice guys that suck really piss me off.

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