My Fake Interview with the Bundy Bros

Last night, at approximately 6pm, the Bundy’s joined me for a quick chat at the McDonalds on Eastern Ave.  I don’t know why, but that’s where they picked.

KL:  So, how about that 30 million dollars?

DB:  Well, playing with my brother was really the deciding factor.  It’s been a lifelong dream to play with Bobby.

KL:  Do you ever say anything else in interviews?

DB:  Not usually.  Well, wait, I regurgetate a lot of stuff my agent told me to say about work ethic and throwing program and playing with my brother.

KL:  WE GET IT!  You like your brother.  Geez.  Can we move on?

DB:  Sure.

KL:  Wait…What if they trade Bobby?

DB:  Umm…I guess I never thought of that.

KL:  I guess you should have gotten that in your contract or something. Bobby, how happy are you that you will be joined by Dylan at some point, assuming you aren’t traded or get hurt?

BB:  (knocks on brothers head)  Knock on wood.  Wait…I’m here to answer questions too?

KL:  Give it a shot.  See how it fits on you.

BB:  Well to be honest, Dylan is kind of a slob.  We had bunk beds up until I moved out.  I’m assuming he’s going to want to room with me and I’m not sure I’m cool with that.

KL:  Why did you have bunk beds?

BB:  We had 6 heavy bags in the room.

KL:  So you aren’t that thrilled with the signing?

BB:  Well as long as he is going to carry my bags…

DB:  I’m not carrying your bags anymore.  I make more than you.  You carry my bags.

BB:  I’m not carrying your bags.  I’ll whip your ass.

DB:  No you won’t.

BB:  Yeah I will.

DB:  No you won’t.

BB:  Yeah I will

DB:  Do it then bitch.

BB:  Fuck you.  DAD!!! Dylan is being a jerk.

Papa Bundy:  Dylan quit giving your brother a hard time for being not as good as you.

(Bobby throws his 4 double cheeseburgers, 5 boxes of nugs, and two orders of fries in a bag, takes a swig of his milkshake and leaves.)

KL:  That was weird.

DB:  He does this all the time.

KL:  Is he taking your car?

DB:  Shit.  Bobby!  Don’t you fucking drive away in my car.  (Gets up to run after him)  Dad he’s leaving us here.

Papa Bundy:  (stuffing face)



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3 responses to “My Fake Interview with the Bundy Bros

  1. Heathir

    LOL. That is all. 🙂

  2. doctorright

    Don’t know if it’s appropriate to comment on this after the preceding post… but here goes.
    I check you guys often for a laugh and for some insight. I also check what smack y’all are talking on Twitter.
    Hey Jjaks- your comment on Flanny being an Oriole- when it meant a lot, and when it meant somewhat less- was classy and was appreciated.
    I usually only comment on one or two blogs around here, but, for what it’s worth, I wanted to thank you for your approach.

  3. Baseball could use a little more satire. I think we all need a heavy dose of it from time to time.

    Kevin, your humor is much appreciated, at-least in my neck of the woods!

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