(Hip) Breaking News

Hey Guys, the Orioles signed Jamie Moyer today.  He is old.  In fact, he might be older than a lot of the fathers of his current Norfolk Tides teammates.  Except JC Romero, Willie Eyre, Joel Pineiro, Miguel Tejada, Brian Roberts, Bill Hall and Nate McLouth.  They are all also old.  Instead of fielding a AAA team it’s like they are trying to field an AARP team down in Norfolk.  Seriously, the average age down there is so old that everyone had to be re-immunized for polio.  But really, when these guys started in the league the main obstacles to reaching the bigs were dysentery and fording the Snake River.

So there it is, get yourself down to Norfolk and catch the exciting Tides baseball club before the inevitable dementia/alzheimers outbreak.

See you at the yard (I’ll borrow Moyer’s bifocals)

~Jjaks Clayton



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2 responses to “(Hip) Breaking News

  1. doctorright

    To Jamie’s credit, he did survive the Second Pandemic of the bubonic plague. Thanks to the bloodletting and whatnot.

  2. G-$

    I need something to read please

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