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Tha Crossroads


I feel like this needs to be discussed with all the Jeff Samardzija talk flying around lately, are the Orioles buyers or sellers this year and more importantly which one should they be? As you can probably tell, I think the O’s are at a crossroads as an organization and how they answer the above question (both in words and even more so in actions) will have a huge impact on the teams we see in the next 4-5 years.

Obviously the short term view depends a lot on Continue reading


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Let’s Talk About Adam Jones

God damnit.


That is the only way I know how to start this entry.  I like Adam Jones a lot.  Yes, I was against the contract he signed but strictly from a financial responsibility angle.  I was happy to have him sign long term and after the rest of the contracts started falling his may prove to be a good if not great deal in retrospect.

But as much as I like him he is an extremely frustrating player to watch.  I recently (and it seems like a bad version of Groundhog Day sometimes) watched him strike out on 3 consecutive swing and misses where the pitcher threw zero pitches inside the strike zone.  In fact, none were close.  Amazingly, doing a little bit of quick research for this entry I found out that pitchers don’t watch any game tape at all because guys still throw him strikes.  Last season Continue reading

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