It all started back in high school when we helped propel our baseball team to a state championship.  We figured, if it worked for them, it might work for the O’s.

Our goal is to heckle as many people as we can.  Your fans, our fans, your team’s writers, your team’s players, our team…it doesn’t matter. We’ve heckled pregnant ladies before, so there is no limit to who will be targeted.

We’re taking back Camden Yards.  No more of this ‘Fenway South’ crap. The turnaround for the ball club is well underway so we’re going to do our part to get OPACY rockin’ again for the good guys.

Check our Twitter page out so you can find out where we’ll be sitting at the games and come join us.  Usually, we sit in right field by the flag court, but we like to roam a bit.  If you can’t join us at the game, keep our twitter page up and you can see exactly how the game is going from our vantage point.   It will be like you’re right there with us, getting beer spilled on you and having ushers threaten to kick you out.

Also, if you join the facebook group, you can get all the invites prior to games we attend.  It’s the best way to plan your trips to the park!

Finally, if you happen to get heckled…learn from your mistakes and move forward.  Or just have a sense of humor about it.  It’s just a game, right?

3 responses to “Mission

  1. Wild Stallions Fan

    i thought you were a skate group?

  2. Fathead5f

    I like your mission and I think it could work. quick story, went down to see a baysox game last year Matusz was pitching during his 49 strike outs and had an era of 0.29 incredible. Anyway they were playing the National’s minor league team, we were sitting behind the Nat’s on deck circle, I could talk to the player. So I just heckled the hell out of them because the Sox shut them out. once guy even gave me the longest dirtiest look while he walked back to the dug out after stricking out. What a good day. I’m in on your misssion.

  3. Don’t just stop at just taking back Camden Yards…a mission I fully support. Start filling up Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park with big numbers of O’s fans!

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