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Will we post again?

We haven’t written anything in a long while, I’m sure the only people who noticed that was us. The simple fact is the Orioles are a lot less fun to blog about when they are winning and stuff. The sun may be rising over the horizon however. If you ask this kind of blogger who doesn’t know shit about shit, the franchise is not in very good shape at present.

Rebuild?!? Nah, just needs a coat of paint

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Nooooooooo, part duex

A-Rod and Manny are still boys.

Kind of makes you worry a little more about the behavior that got him suspended doesn’t it? Like any minute now he is going to go full on douchebag and we never even saw it coming.

Never forget.

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Checking in on Bryce Harper

He’s still a douche.

Read your shirt please. Repeat.

Read your shirt. Rinse and repeat.

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Tha Crossroads


I feel like this needs to be discussed with all the Jeff Samardzija talk flying around lately, are the Orioles buyers or sellers this year and more importantly which one should they be? As you can probably tell, I think the O’s are at a crossroads as an organization and how they answer the above question (both in words and even more so in actions) will have a huge impact on the teams we see in the next 4-5 years.

Obviously the short term view depends a lot on Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Adam Jones

God damnit.


That is the only way I know how to start this entry.  I like Adam Jones a lot.  Yes, I was against the contract he signed but strictly from a financial responsibility angle.  I was happy to have him sign long term and after the rest of the contracts started falling his may prove to be a good if not great deal in retrospect.

But as much as I like him he is an extremely frustrating player to watch.  I recently (and it seems like a bad version of Groundhog Day sometimes) watched him strike out on 3 consecutive swing and misses where the pitcher threw zero pitches inside the strike zone.  In fact, none were close.  Amazingly, doing a little bit of quick research for this entry I found out that pitchers don’t watch any game tape at all because guys still throw him strikes.  Last season Continue reading

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Dirty Little Secrets: The 2014 Edition

Don’t run around telling a lot of people in Baltimore this, but… The 2014 Baltimore Orioles aren’t good at some things. That’s right, they’re not the best team at anything, anything at all. Did I just hurt your feelings? Are you already preparing a response about how wrong I am? If you are, you might want to kill yourself…. or just read ahead a bit. The truth is, the Orioles have a few secrets that are being ignored by overzealous writers and TV analysts everywhere. Continue reading


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Shitty outfielders: The new market inefficiency

Yes, we didn’t give up again just yet.

As was displayed in the classic book “Moneyball”, the key to success in baseball on a limited budget is finding inefficiencies in the baseball market. I believe Dan Duquette and the Orioles are a ttempting to exploit the next great inefficiency. Many have speculated that once OBP started to make money, Billy Beane moved on to try to find undervalued players by exploiting defense and platoons. This has worked magically for the Athletics. The Orioles need to find their own brilliant GM to find skills undervalued by the majority of teams in baseball. I believe he has finally found it: Continue reading

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