Hooligan Terminology


wie·tersed (wē-tərsed)
to hit a weak ground ball to second base

Origin: Turdland

chit·on (shĭt-awn)
1. to shit on; to drop trou and squeeze out a Cleveland Steamer: Reimold chiton that ball

Origin: Birdland

ho·mo-heck·le [ho-moh-hek-uhl]
1. to harass with homosexual questions, nonsensical gibberish, or the like; badger:  Span, we missed kiss cam!

Origin: San Francisco

wig·gin-ton (wig-in-tuhn)
1. a unit of weight, equivalent to an elephant. the camera adds one wiggin-ton

Origin: Bologna


wet noo·dle (wət nood-l)
1. an arm that lacks strength, much like Johnny Damon: the pitcher has a wet noodle
2. a necessity for a delicious Italian meal. see al dente

Origin: Germany

re·verse heck·le (ri-vurs hek-uh-l)
to wish failure upon someone to illicit the inverse reaction. only works on bad players. see reverse psychology

Mora is going to hit into a double play because he sucks! (subsequent action is a bases clearing double.)

Origin: Freud


Turd Land (tûrd lānd)
dwelling place of Baltimore Orioles.

2. really shitty place to be.

This is Turd Land!

Origin: MASN marketing office


who·ri·ole (hohr-ee-ohl)
a woman who attends Orioles games solely to view players who are pleasing to the eye;  has no knowledge of others on the team or baseball, in general.

Origin: Whore Island

car·pet bag·ger (kahr-pit-bag-er)
1. any opportunistic or exploitative outsider

2. a person who is a fan of a team that is not closest in proximity to their home

So what if I live in Virginia and I like the Sox.  I’ve always liked them…especially during the ’04 ALCS.

Origin: New England/New York

6 responses to “Hooligan Terminology

  1. OMG, that is funny!
    Hecklers, where have you been? OPACY needs you.

    Love the Wiggy one,btw.

    • Jjaks Clayton

      Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years! Come join us chances are we’ll be in centerfield or the right field line most home games.

  2. Was that you guys in the right field line seats tearing Elijah Dukes apart during the home series vs. Natinals?

  3. I’m originally from NJ and love the O’s since I refused to be a douchebag yankee fan as a kid, am I accepted or still a carpet bagger? I live in NYC now and still refuse to convert while accepting all hell in the stands wearing my Ripken jersey.

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