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HEADLINE: Broom Shortage In Area Hardware Stores, Virginia Mourns

Hey, in case you stopped paying attention to baseball after the NFL Draft, the O’s just swept the Virgina Red Sox making for a miserable time for all the fans that made the drive up from Richmond to see a few games at the Yard.

They did this in spite of Brad Bergesen’s insistence that he give up at least 4 runs every start this year and not work any more than 5 innings on a given day.  You’ll remember that they recently sent him to Norfolk to try to fix what had been causing him trouble since they most likely would have skipped his spot in the rotation anyway.  Well, it must have worked because (by the numbers) he had his best start of the season with a full 5 innings pitched.  And it that time he only gave up 4 runs, 7 hits, 2 HR, and struck out 2 while walking none.  Just a hunch, he may be spending a bit more time vacationing in Norfolk and trying to find that “sink” again.

In other news, Detective Tom Ludlow is holding down first place currently in the ESH Fantasy Baseball League while I, Jjaks Clayton, currently sit 5th, with Johnny Eutaw right behind me in 6th (what a view he must have *wink*.)  Also, the 1977 Orioles managed by myself and Ludlow are currently 1/2 a game back of the Royals in Funkyball.  Follow the link and talk some trash.  Spread the Hooligan word throughout the past and let them know that Orioles hooliganism is a force to be dealt with.

Also, and especially since the O’s start a series with the Yankmes tonight, follow us on twitter for some more trash talk and in game commentary.  You can follow Kevin Lomax @eutawhooligans , Detective Tom Ludlow @ESHTomLudlow , and myself @ ESHJjaksClayton .  Be sure to tune in tonight (to us and the game) for some entertainment.

~ Jjaks Clayton

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