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Tha Crossroads


I feel like this needs to be discussed with all the Jeff Samardzija talk flying around lately, are the Orioles buyers or sellers this year and more importantly which one should they be? As you can probably tell, I think the O’s are at a crossroads as an organization and how they answer the above question (both in words and even more so in actions) will have a huge impact on the teams we see in the next 4-5 years.

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Where do your expectations fall if Roberts misses significant time again?

This was my biggest, of many, issues with the club resigning Cesar “Wiffle Ball” Izturis.  Offensively most people would argue that the biggest drop off production wise would be if one of the 2 middle infielders goes down.  I agree, but I do think that this years version of the Orioles is much better equipped to withstand losing Brian Roberts for a long period of time than last years version was.  It is late so I didn’t make a chart this time, but I did do a little comparison between Roberts and who I consider the best replacement in the leadoff spot currently on the roster, JJ Hardy.

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