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Huggy Bear

…if I wasn’t so worried about getting tossed by security, I’d head over to the Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos and give the big guy a hug. Getting Vladimir Guerrero could be that huge.

I read this statement in a column 3 days ago and immediately thought to myself, “this is gonna be good.” I, of course, was being sarcastic and man was I right.   It has taken me 72 hours to pen my rebuttal for a few reasons, the most significant of which is that is how long it took me to convince myself to go back to that webpage and attempt to read this dreck  for a second time.  But for you, the seven people who read this blog still for some unknown reason…maybe pity fans, I went back and read it in order to break down and illustrate how idiotic this jumbled, mislead arrangement of sometimes seemingly random words thrown together really is.

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