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Tha Crossroads


I feel like this needs to be discussed with all the Jeff Samardzija talk flying around lately, are the Orioles buyers or sellers this year and more importantly which one should they be? As you can probably tell, I think the O’s are at a crossroads as an organization and how they answer the above question (both in words and even more so in actions) will have a huge impact on the teams we see in the next 4-5 years.

Obviously the short term view depends a lot on Continue reading

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The Magilahuff is Dead!

As some of our readers may know, there is a creature in Orioles lore known as the Magilahuff. It was a three-headed monster that played first base for the Orioles early this decade.

The first head, Gibbons, was defeated when he was ostracized from the team for his utter lack of production after quitting steroids.

The second head, Millar, felt he could help the Blue Jays increase their pop-out number.

We learned today that the final head of that beast was shipped out to Detroit.


I’m probably as excited about this trade as Huff was to get that home run off Joba.

As Tom Ludlow put it earlier, “We traded the corpse of Huff for a living person, so it was a good trade.”

He’s probably as excited to be going to Detroit as he was to come to Baltimore. After all, I hear Detroit is beautiful these days.

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The Closer

Let me start by saying that I believe the whole position of closer is vastly overrated, like Dane Cook. Just about any good pitcher in the bullpen can do the same job if given the opportunity and for that matter any pitcher in the bullpen should kick Dane Cook’s ass, really he is annoying and only 12 year old girls find him funny…oh yeah, and Red Sox fans. Back to the point of this post, Dane Cook sucks.

The Orioles have a closer named George Sherill, he wears a hat with a flat brim and has pitched very well this year on those rare occasions when the O’s have the lead in the 9th inning. He should be traded, absolutely. He should have been traded last year, and he should be traded this year. He should probably be traded next year also. He should be traded on the NYSE. Squeeze what you can out of unsuspecting GM’s. They will overpay for a closer. No reason we shouldn’t get a decent haul for Georgie.

All that being said, there is an exception to the closer rule.  Brian Wilson of the Giants.  I would trade our starting lineup for this guy based on hair style alone (half mohawk + half mullet = badass).  If only the rest of the Beach Boys were this awesome.

Its the Mull-Hawk~ Jjaks Clayton


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