9 responses to “Crew

  1. oriolesmagic

    Hoolies, I added a link to your website at my newly created blog at I have to admit, you guys are the best. I e-mail your blog posts all the time to friends in my network and, I plan to do a review of your site to post at a few places I frequently visit. Peace.

    • Thanks Oriolemagic-ies. We appreciate you liking us. I commented on your site and if you keep adding some sweet content, we’ll link to you in our “friends” section. Join us at a game and help us heckle people…no ones immune. And tell your friends, merch is coming soon!

  2. Jerry

    You guys are the baddest Em-Effers of all time… keep the site rollin!

  3. Thanks you kind sirs for the kind words. I cannot wait for a piece on the recent promotion of Mr. Ryan Minor from Third Base Coach to Manager of the Delmarva Shorebirds.

    You do good work.

  4. Since there’s gonna be two ESH’s on the west coast at one time.. I’d figure we could have a dance off. You should all come.. we can go throw rocks at Dodgers stadium.

    • I think I’m one of the top…5 or 6 dancers in the ESH. You’re on!

      I don’t hate the Dodgers enough to throw rocks at their stadium.

      Do you know where Manny has a place out there? I’ve got a pillow case FULL of door knobs.

  5. Drew Forrester

    Enjoy your blog…good stuff.

  6. Matt S.


    More videos! The fan fest videos were pee-pants funny.

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