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This Is Birdland, Mr. Gutsy

It was a cold and dreary night in Birdland and the city was under attack from an enemy to the north and his army of followers.  The super villain, Captain Jeterus, was executing his plan to flawless perfection by weakly hitting the citizens of Birdland over and over again.  Not strong enough to actually hurt because of his lack of power, Jeterus chose to dink and dunk Birdlandians into an annoyingly soft submission.  It doesn’t take much these days as the metropolis is full of despair after decades of failure in protecting itself from the two evil empires of the north.  Hungering for help and thirsting for a hero, everyone in Birdland is on their last breath waiting to be saved.  A few have stepped up to join the fight, somewhat heroically, but soon learn that they cannot do it themselves.  Birdland is too far gone, too downtrodden and fractured to be saved by just one man.  In making one final push to save all those who call Birdland home and believe in the thought of good over evil, these are the stories of those men:

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