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Shitty outfielders: The new market inefficiency

Yes, we didn’t give up again just yet.

As was displayed in the classic book “Moneyball”, the key to success in baseball on a limited budget is finding inefficiencies in the baseball market. I believe Dan Duquette and the Orioles are a ttempting to exploit the next great inefficiency. Many have speculated that once OBP started to make money, Billy Beane moved on to try to find undervalued players by exploiting defense and platoons. This has worked magically for the Athletics. The Orioles need to find their own brilliant GM to find skills undervalued by the majority of teams in baseball. I believe he has finally found it: Continue reading

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Bud is no Chuck

Far too often around the Baltimore area I hear people still talk about acquiring Bud Norris as if it was a good thing. I even often hear people say they think he did pretty well for the Orioles after the trade. This kind of mindless drivel coming from the casual baseball fans around Baltimore is the kind that drives me mad. I can’t yell at people I barely know in the streets and in the office, but I can on the internet. Continue reading


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