Best Friends Forever

A sad day is upon us. While Brian Roberts has clearly not been worth the big contract extension the Orioles signed him to, just like a few before and after him, he was a bright spot on the team when there weren’t many. In 2005, Brian Roberts was the 6th best player in baseball by WAR. He also average 4.0 WAR between 2003-2009. Brian Roberts has been a very good player for the Orioles. As someone who did not discover their love for baseball until adulthood in the early 2000s, Brian Roberts was immediately one of my favorite players. Players of small stature are also dear to me, for obvious reasons. Brian Roberts as a baseball player tugged at my heart strings. That said, it was time to move on. The Orioles have several better options than a 36 year old broken down Brian Roberts, but that won’t stop people from continuing to freak out about this offseason like this particular (non)move has anything to fucking do with it.

Good bye Brian Roberts, you were fun to watch on teams that weren’t.



Now go fuck yourself, Yankee scum.


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